Cancale, the oyster capital

Cancale, located in the bay of Mont Saint-Michel, takes advantage of the tides to cultivate oysters. By going to the marine farm, you will learn everything there is to know about oysters.

In addition to oysters, Cancale has a rich natural heritage. Marking the entrance of the bay of Mont Saint-Michel, the Pointe du Grouin overlooks the bay and the Mont Saint-Michel. A 7km hiking trail allows you to access it. If walking is not your cup of tea, the place is accessible by car and a parking area is next door. Near the coast, there are two well-known islands. The Rock of Cancale, or otherwise called the Seaking rock, and the island of Rimains, famous for its fort, built by Vauban.

The port welcomes you with a myriad of restaurants ready to serve you its local specialties.

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